navy coat

Navy coat in combination with the color marsala

There are universal colours for each season. Spring is coming, so our outfits should be lighter and adaptable for the Spring weather. Today’s entry is the first, in the history of the blog, that is written in English – I am very happy about this and I hope it will be a pleasant surprise for you all.

mens fashion blog (3)

illustration by Jonny Leigh

mens fashion blog (3)

Illustration by Jonny Leigh

Today’s outfit is a reminder of my Autumn blog entry that referenced the connection of two import_ant colours, that has seen spectacular success in men’s fashion in recent seasons. For many years, grenade has been adored by men all over the world and marsala entered, with a vengeance, into the world of men’s fashion in 2015. Coincidentally, a couple of seasons ago I was able to acquire a suit in that colour. I had thought for a long time on how to effectively present these colours, and to be honest, I was preparing a few approaches to the subject. Today’s outfit is a combination of marsala with grenade, gray and black elements.

Garnitur w kolorze Marsala - 9 na Marszałkowskiej by Mateusz Szczepański (3)

photo by Ewelina Koziara

With the changing of the seasons, it is the perfect time to use flannel, casual shirts, which will prove ideal in cold weather, along with knitted ties, which are also a typically warmer supplement. A grey ‚slim-fit’ flannel shirt has been compiled with the marsalah coloured suit alongside a woolen coat in navy blue. As you can see, the color of marsala is not as big as a deal as it might seem, and using this shade, it is possible to create interesting, masculine styling.


Garnitur w kolorze Marsala - 9 na Marszalkowskiej by Mateusz Szczepański

photo by Ewelina Koziara

Garnitur w kolorze Marsala - 9 na Marszałkowskiej by Mateusz Szczepański (2)

photo by Ewelina Koziara

I am not urging you to buy the whole suit, but marsala coloured trousers, sweaters or scarves can be played into a number of styling. As always, I encourage you to experiment with colours that are unusual for you. Maybe a sweater in a shade of marsala will be your next favourite purchase?


A big thank you to Jonny Leigh for his help, translation and the wonderful illustration. This is just the beginning of our collaboration, which I hope will continue to be just as successful.

9 na Marszałkowskiej